Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Many people ask me how I stay motivated. All it takes for me is thinking back to a few years ago, remembering what it felt like to lug around an extra 120 pounds. That is a lot of motivation. I think some people are naturally more motivated than others. It does not come naturally to me. I have to make myself get off the couch and get outside. I have to get up and walk away from the dinner table to stop eating. It is a conscious decision every day to make good choices. Yes I do fail. Quite often really. I just get up after I fall down and keep going. At this point in my life I see no other choice. I have to do this for myself and for my family. As long as I take more steps forward than backwards, I will be successful.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Being A Good Listener

We are all sick around here again. It has been a nasty year for colds and flus. The last time I was sick I tried to push through it. Ignore the fact that I was sick and live life. I worked out the same, I ate the same points, I just tried to ignore my body. Guess what? It did not work. I got a lot worse.

I am sick again. This time, I skipped my morning workout at the gym and took the dog for a nice walk. I am sitting around today drinking tea. I think my body is much happier this time around. Now hopefully this cold will leave as fast as it came.

It is amazing what our bodies do tell us if we just shut up and listen.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Does it Matter How Much?

Most of you know I have lost over 120 pounds. That is a lot of weight. I always rolled my eyes at people who wanted to lose those last five pounds and grab their belly skin. You know those people? I was insulted when people said that to me. In my head I was thinking, "Oh shut up. What do you have to complain about?" Most of you I am sure know exactly what I am talking about. During this time of weight loss and self discovery I have come to realize that those last five pounds are really hard to lose. I never knew that before. Those last pounds are a tenacious bunch. My point now is that I get why people are frustrated when they are trying to lose that last little bit. (unless you are underweight already. Then you need help.)

Now, do not get me wrong here. IT IS NOT THE SAME THING. I had someone say that to me once. Losing a huge amount of weight and a few pounds is not the same. It is very different. However, I get both sides now. I understand. I will however never ever ever go on and on about my last five pounds with a friend who is struggling to lose a large amount of weight. It just is not nice.

Any opinions?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Good Laugh.

This is not weight loss related, but laughing burns calories right? If you are a parent, or have one, you need to watch this. :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

The Good: I went for a long run on Saturday. I did not want to, but I went anyway. I also made some good food choices.

The Bad: I did make some bad food choices as well. We were out at friends for most of the weekend. I had a some chips, a few cookies, and there was that piece of chocolate cheesecake. Considering what I could have eaten, I did not do that bad. I tried to keep it under control. For me that is huge. When food is in front of me, I eat it. Even if I am full, or do not really want it. I eat it. I hate that about myself, but I have to live with it and do the best I can. I know it will be a struggle for the rest of my life. I am willing to struggle with it though, and not let the addiction win. Does anyone feel the same way? Sometimes I just feel so crazy about my food issues.

The Ugly: All right. This is really ugly. Yes, I do live in Canada. It snows here. We have longer winters than most. Normally here in Alberta we get snow in November, and it stays until March. We will still get a few snowfalls after March, but it melts right away. I can deal with that. However, it started snowing here on Saturday and it has not stopped. It is not supposed to stop anytime soon either. This is completely insane. Global Warming?! Not so sure.

Last weekend it was 22 degrees Celsius, (around 71 F) so we put out some of the patio furniture. Today, this.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekend Troubles

I am having one of those crazy weekends where I want to eat everything in sight. I have a love hate relationship with weekends. Yea! No routine! Crap. No routine. See my problem?

I ate too much last night. It has to stop at that. I will not overeat all weekend.

I will let you know how it goes on Monday. Wish me luck.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Still Kicking

Posting every day is hard. I admire all you daily bloggers. My hat is off to you!

Things have been going well. I am still not counting points, and it seems to be working all right. I have gained a little because I ate too much last weekend, but I am back to my healthy ways.

My aerobics class yesterday was amazing. The regular gal who teaches our class was sick, so she got a sub for us. I am always nervous when I walk into a class and my instructor is not there. This new instructor usually does boot camp. When she said those two words fear spread throughout my body. Boot camp equals work out hell does it not? Oh well I thought, how bad could it be? It was bad, like I could barely pick myself up off the floor after the class bad. However, I did it! I lived to tell the tale. Today I have a hard time walking, but whatever, I survived!

It inspired me to shake things up in my work out routine. I was getting used to doing the same thing everyday, and it was getting dull. I am thinking about taking a kick boxing class. Anyone have any ideas for me?